The villa follows strictly the Clean & Safe Internal Protocol designed and implemented according to WHO-The World Health Organization, Turismo de Portugal and DGS-The Portuguese General Health Authority recommendations and orientations.

Our establishment ensures for each guest in the check-in:

- All linen, bathrobes, towels, pillows, curtains are washed in high temperature 60.ºC, disinfected and replaced;

- All pots, dishes, cutlery and kitchen accessories are washed 60.ºC and disinfected;

- All the furniture, doors, walls, accomodation facilities, surfaces are disinfected;

- All air-conditioning filters are washed and disinfected;

- The air renovation of the rooms and entire villa is ensured and done regularly, 24h-48h between check-in and check-out;

- The disinfection of the pool or other existing equipment is performed by the owners as defined in internal protocol;

- The management of common waste and biological waste (proper containers for glass/bottles, paper/carton, plastics and biological waste);

- A kit composed by a mask and a pair of latex gloves is provided to each person on arrival;

- Dispensers of hydro alcoholic gel, liquid soap and paper towels are provided in the bathrooms;

- Hygiene, clean materials and a stock of disinfection products are provided in the laundry facility;

- The owners use personal protective equipment, have accurate cleaning and treatment of clothes training following the guidelines of the DGS, there is no thrid party involved.

For further information please read our Internal Clean & Safe Protocol here.

Private meetings and parties are forbidden in the villa due to SARS-CoV-2 virus spread.